Eliminating Hard Dependencies

You found it! After many hours of scouring the internet, you’ve finally discovered the library that does precisely what you need. Except… it has a dependency… on a package that your architect has declared unfit for your company. Continue reading “Eliminating Hard Dependencies”


The importance of error messaging

When I was young, taking my first class in computer science, my mother told me about her experiences with computer programming coming through college in the late 70s.

We programmed with punch cards. You had to feed them into a computer to be analyzed, and if you got anything wrong, the computer output would simply be: “Error”.

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The Disparity between APIs and SDKs

I think it’s time for us all to accept the truth: I’m abandoning the plugin series. I had a functioning proof of concept at my previous job, but I didn’t think to grab it when I left and moved halfway around the world, and I don’t feel like trying to recreate it right now. Maybe I’ll come back to it someday. Instead, today we’re going to talk about APIs and why there are so few SDKs to consume them. Continue reading “The Disparity between APIs and SDKs”