The Mother of Copy/Paste Errors

Sometimes, when we’re building an application, we need to run a script either before or after the build process. Fortunately, Microsoft took this need into consideration when they built Visual Studio. There, in the project properties, under Build (Compile if your one of those weird VBers), you have two multiline text boxes in which you can write your scripts: one for pre-build, and one for post-build. They even give you a button which opens a window with a scrollbar for when your script is more than three lines long. But still, something seems to be off with it. And this “something” is the primary cause of (read: what I’m blaming for) my latest computer panic/fiasco. Continue reading “The Mother of Copy/Paste Errors”

Manatee.Json (Part… Oops!

The last time we looked at code, we covered user-defined serialization between data models and JSON. Today, we would have reviewed auto-serialization, but I’ve hit a snag. I recently did some performance testing, and found that Manatee.Json was quite slower than its nemesis, Newtonsoft.Json (or more familiarly, Json.Net). Continue reading “Manatee.Json (Part… Oops!”